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Add: 38-B
Mahanirban Road
Kolkata - 700029
West Bangal
Tel: 91-33-24649596
Contact: Ms. Indrani Sinha
Purpose: Combatting trafficking & second generation prostitution.
Aim/Objective/Mission: Sanlaap is a gender sensitive, development organisation, an ngo in West Bengal, india focussing on counter trafficking initiatives for the most vulnerable – namely women and children. Other than {and because of its uni-focal and grass root intervention} its work in West Bengal, Sanlaap is an important policy-influencing organisation in the south asian region. It is also one of the first organisations in the region to holistically approach the issue of trafficking in persons and works on a range of activities as a part of its counter trafficking measures – from campaign, advocacy, and sensitisation of various stakeholders on the issue of trafficking, to the rescue, rehabilitation, and socio-economic reintegration of trafficked persons.

Sanlaap also working with several international donors and various sub-national and national state departments. The major expansion of the organisation has occurred in the past 9 (nine) years of its existence and can be labelled as its defining period. This has been in terms of volume of work and programme delivery, staff strength, growth and development in terms of issues and project processes, financial transactions and fund availability, etc. The issue of human trafficking has assumed disturbing manifestations and proportions simultaneously; in the past decade and the programmatic / structural growth of the organisation has been a response to the desperate need for intervention in the sector.

Sanlaap is recognised as one of the leading organisations in the area of counter trafficking initiatives in the south asian region. The organisation has mandated itself to provide care, support, assistance and protection of survivors of trafficking and towards the prevention of trafficking in human beings in the south asian region especially for commercial sexual exploitation. Sanlaap has regional level expertise and exposure on various activities relating to counter trafficking, which include protection of victims, care, support and psycho-social interventions (including psychological counselling), return and reintegration, information dissemination, capacity building, research and policy advocacy.

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